TayroTea was born out of my passion to share a healthy and organic tea with a lovely company. I promise that you won't be alone during this unforgettable and unique experience. While you are enjoying our fantastic teas, you will be with a gorgeous and colorful Hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are known as healers. This is why the relationship between TayroTea and hummingbirds is the best. While you are enjoying our teas you are delighted in a magic moment full of charm. Throughout that moment with the hummingbird, you will discover that beauty is everywhere, gratitude is the best prayer that anyone could say, and faith is the first step for miracles to happen.

Wherever you decide to go, never forget to bring TayroTea, in the morning, during breakfast, TayroTea is the best company ever, which has sensational flavors such as citrus notes that help energize the body and focus the mind. In the afternoon, or if you prefer before going to bed, you will find peacefulness in every sip. If you would rather get energy, you will find it in our TayroTea as well.

Made with tons of love only for you !

Let's drink TayroTea an astonishing experience never to be forgotten.

Along with you in this TayroTea journey,
Pamela Altahona Founder CEO at contact@tayrotea.com +1 954-681-3728.


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